UKPIN Forum 2011

  • Dates: 09 Dec, 2011
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Satellite Symposium:
New Advances in SCIQ

Dr S. Jolles, Honorary Consultant lmmunologist, Cardiff University School of Medicine

Prof B. Grimbacher, Clinical lmmunologist and Professor of Clinical Immunology, Royal Free Hospital

Dr M. Berger, Senior Medical Director, Immunology, CSL Behring

Dr M. Helllert, Consultant lmmunologist, Central Manchester University Hospital

Sponsored by CSL Behring


Tea/Coffee, Poster and Visit the Exhibition in Hall 3


Welcome andi Introduction

Peter Arkwright
Organising Committee Chair, UKPIN 2011 Meeting
Senior Lecturer in Paediatric lmmunology, University of Manchester


Plenary Session 1:
Antibodies causing immunodeficiency disorders

Prof B. Grimbacher
Consultant at the Department of Immunology
Royal Free Hospital, University College London

Prof B. Ferry
Consultant, Clinical Scientist and Clinical Lead
Clinical Laboratory Immunology, Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust


Keynote address

Prof Luigi Notarangelo
Jeffrey Model Chair of Paediatric Immunology Research
Children's Hospital, Boston, USA


Antibodies in chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis diseases

Prof Nick Willcox
Retired Senior Research Fellow. Dept Clinical Neurology
Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine
Oxford University


Antibodies in mycobacterial d

Dr Dinakantha Kumaratne
Consultant Immunologist and Head of Department of Clinical Immunology
Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Lunch, Poster Viewing and Visit the Exhibition in Hall 3


Multidisciplinary Symposium 1:
Advances in nursing and laboratory aspects of PID

Prof Luigi Notarangelo
Jeffrey Model Chair of Paediatric Immunology Research
Children's Hospital, Boston, USA

Dr A. Gardulf
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Immunology
Karolinska Institutet

Dr A. Gennery
The Watson Clinical Reader/Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Immunology & Haematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation
Newcastle University


Medical 1:
Do dentritic cells from patients with primary antibody deficiencys have abnormal responses to TLR ligands?

Mrs M. Whittle
Department of Immunology, Leicester Royal Infirmary


Medical 2:
A common FcyRIlA pPolymorphism increases the risk and severity of idiopathic bronchiectasis

Dr N. Conton
St James's Hospital and Trinity College Dublin


Nursing 1:
Comparison of health status in stable patients with Bronchiectasis due to common variable immune deficiency (CVID) and idiopathic bronchietasis

Lorraine Ozerovitch
Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


Laboratory 1:
Comparison of functional apoptosis with the measurement of double negative T-cells in the diagnosis of Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome [ALPS]

Dawn Barge
Royal Victoria Infirmary


Laboratory 2:
Diagnostic tests for definitive diagnosis of HLH caused by mutations in Munc 18-2 and ITK.

Claire Escaron
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


Patient Engagement:
New PIA Developments in Patient Engagement

Dr D. Webster
Chairman of Trustees for the Primary Immunodeficiency Association


Tea/Coffee, Poster Viewing and Visit the Exhibition in Hall 3


Great Debate:
This house believes that home therapy has no role In the Mmanagement of Hereditary Angioedema

Prof S. Marshall
Professor of Clinical Immunology
University of Dundee

Mr A. Warner
Clinical Nurse Specialist
St Helier Hospital in Carshallon, Surrey

For the motion:
Dr H. Longhurst
Consultant Clinical Immunologist
Barts and London NHS Trust

Against the motlon:
Dr M. Gompels
Consultant lmmunologist
Southmead Hospital Westbury on Trym



Dr P. Wood
Chairman, UKPIN


Gala dinner at Merseyside Maritime Museum