UKPIN response to concerns regarding the content of UKPIN sponsored COVID19 and PID webinar

Jun 17, 2020

It has come to the attention of UKPIN that the broadcast of our webinar dedicated to COVID19 and primary immunodeficiencies, has caused alarm amongst some members of our patient community. This is extremely regrettable. The webinar was organised for health care professionals who care for patients with PID, with the aim of sharing their experiences during the COVID19 outbreak. UKPIN had initiated a patient registry to capture outcomes of COVID19 infection in patients with PID, the purpose of which was to help us modify, if necessary, our advice on shielding and social distancing. Some preliminary results from this registry were presented in the webinar. We are grateful to Dr Mathew Buckland who, on behalf of the PID UK medical panel, has written a detailed explanation of how these preliminary results should be viewed and interpreted. We fully agree with this statement and encourage any concerned patients to visit this webpage for further details:

UKPIN will continue with efforts to collate all available information so we can better understand the risk COVID19 poses to our patients. We have already invited all our patients to take part in COVID19 infection surveillance by using a symptom tracker app, and will soon be launching home-testing kits for COVID19. This will be in addition to resources currently available in the NHS, and will help to ensure rapid diagnosis and ongoing surveillance of COVID19 infection amongst our patients. We hope this will help us to create a safe hospital environment so we can continue providing vital health care.

Given the current restrictions on travel and large gatherings, webinars have rapidly become the key form of communication among health care professionals. Whilst steps had been taken to ensure that the content of these communication reached their intended audience only, these would appear to be insufficient. UKPIN will continue to work with our partners to ensure the secure delivery of future webinars. 

Your Sincerely

Dr Sinisa Savic
Chair of UKPIN